Bing Improves Search Speed For Users

In their Bing Blog this week, Bing went into lots of details in regards to how they are improving search results for users of Bing. In these improvements, they are giving users quicker results and give users less time waiting for results, and delivering them the results in seconds.

The Pre-Render feature as described by Bing, is meant specifically for Internet Explorer 11 users, and will give them faster search results than ever before. It will give Bing users and Internet Explorer 11 users quicker results than Yahoo and Google, which will improve their ranking against them.

Bing Rolls Out Pre-Rendered Pages With IE 11

Pre-Render Tag In IE 11

To make the search results in Internet Explorer 11 and Bing quicker, the Bing engineers are utilizing the pre-render tag that is already built into Internet Explorer 11. By doing this, the top result and the associated page will almost instantly be rendered on the page for the user.

By rendering the page and the quick result for the user, the user is able to get to their desired search result quicker and more efficiently. The pages are downloaded quicker and the result loads in the background for the user. The streamlined fashion in which this is done, doesn’t waste valuable bandwidth or time either.

Microsoft Details Quicker Page Load Speeds With Pre-Render on Bing

Developers Encouraged To Use Pre-Render

While this pre-render tag is built into Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft is calling on developers to utilize this tag in their page development and design. They are encouraging developers and website owners to learn more about the tag and to use it to gain more users to their sites. The tag will help guide users and anticipate users next action.

These quick pre-rendered pages will help Bing users use it more, and get quicker search pages. It will give users faster speeds when looking up items on the web, and will give users more options than Google and Yahoo. The pre-rendered pages are only available in Internet Explorer 11 for now, but hopefully Microsoft will roll it out to other Internet Explorer versions in the next year. By getting developers in on it, Microsoft will spread the word about it, and get the web to use it more for users.

It’s a great thing to get quicker search results, and Bing is doing that today. They are getting users social and now pre-rendered pages instantly and that’s a reason to use Bing.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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