Bing Highlights Local Information In Newest Updates

Bing is gaining in its usage across the United States, and as the holiday season approaches quickly, the usefulness of Bing is becoming more apparent. On Monday, recent updates to Bing will highlight local business information, directions, and phone numbers for easier access.

The local updates made to Bing will match it up with Google’s big push for local listings, and make it easier for users to appreciate local businesses at the same time. It is updates now, and users can type in the phone number and the business address, listing and map will appear right there.

Microsoft Gives Bing Local Updates In Latest Release

Locations and Directions

The first major update made to Bing circles around the ability to enter a name of a business and the term phone. In an example, Mortons Steakhouse Phone is entered, and the listing, phone number, map, and card for the business appears. This makes it easier to find it locally and find your way there.

Directions are something that almost everyone uses on their computers and their phones, and now Bing has made it easier to find directions, best routing and distance with travel time information. The latest updates will show all of this information along with turn by turn directions as well, making it a lot easier.

Microsoft Gives Bing Users Hours Of Operationg In Update

Hour Of Operation

By far the other update that Bing made was one that many will use this holiday season, as the hours get shorter and the need to find out a stores hours becomes more needed. You can now type in the name of the business and Bing will show the hours of operation for the store or business, as long as they are available.

This is important when combined with all the above updates, as the local impact of search becomes something that users clamour after and need for their daily searches. Local is the newest search term according to experts, and bringing that local availability to Bing will help Microsoft battle Google in the search space.

Bing needed these local search updates badly. Now, they can go after Google and win the local search war.

Published: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 Last Modified: December 9, 2014

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