Bing Gets New Recipe Features Before Holiday Launch

One of the biggest researched things on the Internet as the holiday season approaches, is recipes. Not everyone has the family handed down recipes that they can cook for the masses, and many need the Internet for help. On Monday, Microsoft issued an update to the Bing recipe features guide that will help millions before Thanksgiving arrives.

The Bing new recipe features have been totally overdone, and gather the best collections of recipes on the web today. They also have gathered all the recipes from various web sites to have them gathered in one main kitchen site. These should be plenty of recipes from the novice cook to the pro.

Microsoft Updates Bing Recipe Features In Time For Holidays

New Recipe Card

The major thing that the new Bing recipe features have gotten is the new recipe card. The visual card is the highlight of Bing, and it shows off a ton of information for the aspiring cook. First, it gives a visual appearance on what the meal should look like, and gives the name of the recipe.

With the recipe card, Bing also gives the recipe a rating of one star to five stars. It shows the total time of preparation, the yield of the recipe and more. On the tabs, it lists the ingredients needed for the recipe, the directions, and the user reviews. The user reviews will be of big help, since a good recipe depends on reviews.

Microsoft Highlights Bing Recipe Area For Holiday Rush

Other Recipe Updates On Bing

Bing is one of the top ten destination sites on the Internet, and during the holiday season it gets even more visitors, and from around the world. Microsoft has redone the recipe section to make it easier to navigate, to find recipes, and to find what they need to get the holidays going. Microsoft knows the holidays often times depend on the food.

Many might laugh at a recipe section on Bing, but it generates a lot of views and traffic for the site, and revenue for Microsoft. It also brings a lot of help to many, and the updates are taking effect over the next few days. A perfect turkey, a properly cooked ham, and a delicious pie can be yours at the Bing recipe pages soon.

Bing’s recipe sections are new and gorgeous. They are nice, and should be visited if you love cooking and food.

Published: Tuesday, November 25th, 2014 Last Modified: November 25, 2014

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