Bing Gets New Music Video Search Abilities

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that their Bing search engine just got a brand new music video search capability in it, and should give more life into the search engine for music videos. Now, finding music videos on Bing will be much easier and music lovers will love it in seconds.

With its completely redone experience and building it from the ground up, Bing is giving users music videos from around the world. Videos of songs, artists that are up and coming, and unknown artists will be able to be seen and heard on Bing starting today, and be found easier than ever.


What Happens With It?

With the new Bing music video upgrade, popular music videos are showcased in the top left of the screen for easier finding. With its machine learning capabilities, the most relevant and popular music videos from around the world are shown in the upper right. The best part is that the images are crystal clear and the videos can be viewed right away.

The Bing music video searches now show music videos from YouTube, Vimeo, MTV, Artist Direct, and other sources. All the user has to do is hover the mouse over the thumbnail and a preview can be seen right away without delay. The click of the button plays the full music video, and it can be watched and enjoyed to the users hearing pleasure.


Artists, Music Discovery, and Album Art

Some of the other highlights of the updated music video search include the ability to show videos from all over the world. There is a global reach of the videos, and they span decades on the site. From classical to rap, from folk to reggae, it is shown here. Artists creates a top song area where users can see the top songs of musicians and artists and listen to them.

Lastly, Bing shows the album art in all its glory. Bing thinks that album art has been lost, and they are giving back the album art to users. They have assembled videos and the album art in the order that they appeared in the album, and the album art is shown for all the albums of an artist, including live albums. Bing has over 1.7 million songs, 70,000 artists, and over a half a million albums.

I use Bing daily and love music videos, and now I can find them easier. I love that Bing is improving its site daily, and is going against Google and Yahoo to make music videos fun again.

Published: Friday, November 15th, 2013 Last Modified: November 15, 2013

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