Bing Gets Movies and Xbox One May Update Launches

Microsoft has a number of businesses beyond Windows, and the number of business that have grown as a result of Windows has grown exponentially. With that, Bing and Xbox One have been born out of that, and got news on Monday. Bing gets movie updates and Xbox One now gets the May update.

Both Bing and the Xbox One are some of Microsoft’s hottest properties outside of Windows, and they are getting users attentions. As Bing has grown, its need to include more information and results has as well. Additionally, Xbox One’s monthly update still keeps on giving users great new features.

Microsoft Updates Xbox One With May 2015 Features

Xbox One May Update Live

There are four main new features with the Xbox One May Update that went live on Monday, according to Major Nelson of Microsoft. First up, users now will be able to leave voice messages in the Xbox One messages app, and it can be used with Xbox One & Xbox 360. The Xbox One SmartGlass can also be used to power on and off the Xbox One.

Third, users can now to choose between power modes for the Xbox One. Now, users can choose between the instant-on and energy-saving mode, which makes it perfect for energy savers. Lastly, dedicated servers for party chat continues to grow. Microsoft will be slowly expanding this beyond its preview members as noted in their blog post.

Microsoft's Bing Gets Major Movie and Moviefile Updates

Bing’s Gone Hollywood

Bing got a bunch of new movie updates on Monday, and they will enable Bing to be more than just a home to search for movies. First, trailers have been updated with Bing, and users will be able to search and view trailers on Bing. Second, movie reviews, real-time comments, and Twitter feeds will be viewable on Bing as well.

Users with Bing also will be able to learn more able to learn about the movie as well. Additional search results showing synopsis, cast and crew, and related movies will be displayed. Lastly, users will be able to view showtimes and buy tickets directly from the Bing search pages starting Monday.

Monday was perfect for Xbox One and Bing. Both got big updates and are ones that users will notice right away.

Published: Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 Last Modified: May 12, 2015

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