Bing Gets Massive Holiday Update

On Friday, Microsoft released its latest updates to its Bing search engine, and promises to deliver tons of new content to users. The amount of new content available to users is massive, and is sure to give those looking for all types of content to enjoy a new destination to enjoy on Bing.

By updating Bing, Microsoft is giving users more and more reasons to use Bing over Google and Yahoo. By separating itself from the other two major search engines, Bing is quickly becoming a hub for content, great maps, and a perfect social search tool for many to enjoy.

Microsoft Updates Bing With Tons Of New Content On Friday

Bing Updates

In its latest updates to Bing, Microsoft is giving users a ton of educational content. The TED Talks have now been included, which will surface on the Bing Snapshot pane for users. Those looking for famous speeches and national anthems will show audio clips in the Snapshot pane, and feature national anthems for users to listen to on the site.

Online course will show up in the search results as well when users search for a university. Rankings of universities will show up in the Snapshot pane, which should help bring more educational and college seeking users to Bing. By comparing universities and schools, Bing can leverage its educational angle to those looking for a new school.

Science Seekers Get New Bing Results From Microsoft

Science and History Updates

Scientific Concepts and scientific theories have also been highlighted in the latest Bing updates. People searching for those will find a snippet in the search results, gearing scientific users to want to use Bing more. Historic events will now include summaries, related people, dates, and links to the events as well.

Lastly, related people will be highlighted in the Bing results. So if you are trying to find out why people are related, the reasons will be shown by hovering over the image. Animals will be shown too in their own subspecies and users looking for a dog or cat can narrow down that animal search too. The list of updates made to Bing is pretty massive, and these latest ones should gear more people to want to use Bing more.

I use Bing daily and love the new updates. It is the most updated search tool and Microsoft is clearly gearing to get more users using it with these updates.

Published: Saturday, December 14th, 2013 Last Modified: December 14, 2013

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