Bing Gets Major Video Search Overhaul

As one who watches a lot of video online, searching for videos is always a chore. There really isn’t one main way to search for videos effectively, and even YouTube for its size does it very poorly. On Monday, Bing released a video search upgrade, and transforms ways people can now watch video online.

Bing has always gotten video, but has been tweaking the way it shows it to search users. A new layout was introduced on Monday, and it makes videos easier to find, and give them the information they need, when they want it. This should increase the amount of videos watched via Bing.

Bing Updates Video Search Results To Battle Google and Others

Bigger Images and Information

The one thing that Bing Video viewers will notice right away are the larger video thumbnail images. Microsoft and Bing made these larger and made the expanded view of the video easier to see and find. This makes videos that look the same, look different, especially if they have different thumbnail images.

Additionally, more information about the videos are being displayed via Bing. These include channels, upload date, and view count. This will help those looking for particular channel videos, newer videos, and videos that are more popular. Popular videos will rise to the top this way easier.

Microsoft Transforms Bing Video With Better Search Results

Songs and Searching

Third, users when they search for songs will see an enlarged thumbnail image as well, or hero for that song. The hero chosen is based on the top result and search result. The hero video will then play there, or users can click through the video to watch it at its destination page. This will increase song videos a lot.

Lastly, related searches have been moved inline with the original search, and users can now scroll through the page to see the next results. This is a cleaner way to view search results and videos and is a major overhaul. A search for Uptown Funk for example shows videos, lyrics, the info and more.

Bing is getting awesomer by the day. Now, these video updates make it one more reason to use Bing over Google.

Published: Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 Last Modified: June 23, 2015

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