Bing Gets Image Match Search Within Results

As Bing continues to evolve and add features, searching for the right image using Bing has always been a troubling thing. On Thursday, Bing finally updated the ability to match an image to a search, and doing it only takes a few clicks, which should improve usage overall.

As images become more of a needed item in search results, the ability to match an image to a search result has become more important than ever. Competing against Yahoo and Google has left Bing in the cold, but these latest updates which are live should give users more reasons to use Bing.

Microsoft Updates Bing Image Search Results For Users

How It Works

Now, when users are browsing for images, a button will appear at the bottom of the page. That button will say, “Image Match”. By pressing that image match button, Bing will then show the user a list of different size images, which the user can then narrow down by size, some being small, medium, and large size images.

If a user wants to see all the images for that search result, they can still do that, and Bing hasn’t taken that feature away. When the user clicks on view all sizes, all the different sizes of the image for that search appears. This should be a huge upgrade for those who look for a specific topic and need to see images for reports or research.

Microsoft Gives Users More Image Search Sizes In Bing Results Via Updates

Image Match Works Too

Bing also added an image match feature for users to use. The Image match feature is for users who want to find more examples of a particular image. When you goto and past the image URL in the box, you will then see all the results for that particular image appear in the Bing search results.

All of these updates will make Bing a better search engine. It is definitely the most social search engine around, and now the image search updates have made it more positive for image searches. It’s a a nice update that should be rolling out over the coming days for users, and the Bing Image Team is asking users for feedback as well.

I like Bing and use it often. It has a ton of features, and now these image updates make it better.

Published: Friday, March 14th, 2014 Last Modified: March 14, 2014

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