Bing Gets HD Images and User Requests

Bing is Microsoft’s crown jewel, and one of the top web portals on the globe. It has gotten a number of updates throughout the year, and on Friday got another set of updates. HD Images have been updated to Bing, and Bing also reacted to user requests by integrating those into Bing’s latest updates for users aroud the globe.

One of the biggest requests from users on Bing, was the inclusion of HD images on the site. As the web grows, and computing power grows along with it, HD images are easily viewed. Now that Bing includes HD images for users, the Bing homepage is more beautiful than ever, and will show off the power and imagery of Bing today.

Microsoft Updates Bing With HD Images

HD Images and Image Cpations

Bing on Friday announced that Bing would be supporting HD images,and that it would fit the screen for widescreen monitors. Monitor users with large widescreens complained that Bing didn’t fit the page, and now it will This means that Bing’s HD images will be 1920×1080, and that means breathtaking photos will be viewed everyday on Bing, for more to enjoy daily.

Since images are a lot of what users on Bing see initially, Microsoft decided to update the image captions on the site. It wanted to update more of what uses could see about the image, and made big updates. Users will now be able to move their mouse over the info button, and the new image captions will reveal the name, source, and all kinds of info on that image.

Microsoft Gives Bing Office Online Update On Bing Homepage

Users Requested Updates

Users requested that Bing include more trending topics to the Bing homepage, and Microsoft listened to this request. Now, users will be able to customize the total experience on Bing, and now follow news, stocks, weather, or flights on the Bing homepage. They can log into the profile and interests page, update their info, and see the new changes take effect.

Microsoft also added the access to Office Online to the Bing homepage. This will allow users to get to the Office Online set of tools easier, and make Office Online used more often. Lastly, Bing has decided to launch more of its updates on a rapidly more expanding basis, and make sure that users see these updates whereever they are. It makes for Bing’s expansion a big thing for users.

Bing made great updates on Friday. It will look sharper, more beautiful, and more useful.

Published: Monday, November 24th, 2014 Last Modified: November 24, 2014

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