Bing Gets Conversational Updates

Bing is gaining users around the world, and as the evolution of search continues across the web, the need for conversational searches is quickly becoming more important. On Wednesday, Microsoft updated Bing to its search that not only updates the search, but also the conversation.

The continuation of the search box, is something that Bing is probably the first search engine to do. It not only takes the question of who is the president of the US, but them allows questions to who is his wife, how tall is he, and keeps the context going for users.

Microsoft's Bing Gets Major Conversational Search Update

Conversational Understanding With Bing

The updates made to Bing on Wednesday, allow for users to ask questions and then get more knowledge about the search. It’s easy for a search engine to give the answers to a general question, but to have the ability to them answer subsequent questions about that original topic is something brand new.

For someone looking for a certain topic on Bing, the answer is very simple in the search results. But, using its natural language abilities, it allows uses to ask more questions about the search. It will know that users are still asking questions about the original topic, and not jump to another topic at all.

Have Conversations With Bing Search Powered With Cortana From Microsoft

Cortana Based Knowledge

The latest updates to Bing, derive themselves directly from Microsoft’s Cortana software, that is being used in Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft tells users that Cortana is largely powered by Bing, and this is now on the desktop for users to try out. This rollout on the desktop is new, and something that will receive numerous updates on as it rolls out.

This rollout of Cortana on the desktop via Bing, beats Google on the search technology. It isn’t the most dynamic feature that will ever be released, but it still marks a evolution of search for Bing. Google has Google Now for users, but Google doesn’t have a conversational search box or technology built within it, and that alone could improve Bing’s usage stats across the web. It’s all brand new, but its a great search technology that looks awesome.

I’ve tried the updates and Bing is impressive. Go ahead and try it out, and see how cool it is.

Published: Thursday, August 14th, 2014 Last Modified: August 14, 2014

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