Bing For Windows Phone 8 With More Notifications

On Friday, the latest updates to the Bing app for Windows Phone 8 arrived, and they bring a ton of new updates for the notifications they give to users. The updates will give users more leisure updates in regards to weather and sports coverage and are available now to download.

The latest Bing updates are the latest that will give Windows Phone 8 users new notifications. These notifications are aimed to keep Windows Phone 8 users happy, and battle war with iOS and Android in regards to the notifications they give to users around the world.

Bing App for Windows Phone 8 Gets Major Weather and Sports Updates

Snow and Weather Conditions

With the latest Bing update, the app with now show current snow and weather conditions from ski resorts around the world. From the US, Europe, and all over the globe, weather histories and additional metrics will be available for users. The notifications will be helpful for users in the upcoming Winter months, and gives Bing a new reason to live on Windows Phone 8.

In addition to the metrics, the Live Tiles will show current conditions, wind speed, and precipitation, along with a 5-day forecast when you flip the app. The lock screen will now also support weather at-a-glance updates, and these updates should please users around the world, as weather updates with Live Tiles have been requested by users in recent months.

Sports Updates Highlight Latest Changes To Bing App Update For WP 8

Sports Updates

With the weather updates to the Bing app, the new app features a ton of new updates in the Bing Sports app. There are over 30 new sports than have been added to the app. The sports of tennis, NASCAR, LPGA, Champions League soccer, and rugby have been included in the updates. The amount of new sports that have been added to the app is mind boggling to many sports fans and should make users happy.

The updates already give users scores, schedules, standings, and stats. The update will now give sports fans ways to track players, sports, and other more personal features that sports fans love about their teams and players. One other addition is the inclusion of leading teams and players on the league and team pages.

It is great that Microsoft is updating the Bing app for mobile users. Users need to know weather and sports updates, and now it is within Bing and Windows Phone 8 quicker and easier than ever.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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