Bing For Windows Phone 8 Gets Update

On Monday, Microsoft and Bing released a major update for Windows Phone 8 users. The updates the Bing search platform on the Windows Phone, and gives users additional information and search options to use.

The Bing update improves a variety of different features on Windows Phone 8. The Bing refresh matches the Bing updates made to the web, and will improve the operability of Bing Search on the platform.

Bing Search For Windows Phone 8 Updated By Microsoft

Search Filters At Now 3

The Bing update reduces the search filters to Web, Images, and Videos according to the latest Bing update. The most relevant and important information is now placed on the first screen, and contains updates like flight schedules, movies, and definitions for words that users search for daily.

Photo Fans Get Updates

Photo users of Windows Phone 8 will also see improvements. Users will see infinite scrolling of pictures via Bing, and also sees auto-sized thumbnails. Some of these new photo features are rolling out slowly to users, and should be noticed on Windows Phone 8 phones.

Other Tweaks Made As Well

Users will also see more technical tweaks made to the Bing Search tool. The updates were made to make results appears faster for users and most importantly to gobble less data, and that helps those with data caps. Updates for images and videos will only be viewable when uses swipe over them in the search. Instant answers are also available via the search result page. 10 Instant Answers will be available that include traffic, flight status, exchange rates, word definitions and translations.

Users will also see other updates made to the Bing Search tool on Windows Phone 8. Snapshot for example will give users information-at-a-glance about people, places, or things. This will help people with famous people, movies, casts on movies, and even more. This might serve as the most popular update to the Bing Search app since it works almost like IMDB in many ways and helps users with more pop culture references.

Overall, the Big Search on Windows Phone 8 has been vastly improved and users should see updates in the next few weeks. Bing is now cool on Windows Phone 8.

Published: Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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