Bing For Schools Gives Schools More Safer Internet Browsing For Kids

On Monday, Bing, the top 5 search engine by Microsoft, announced its latest improvements to keep kids safe and schools safe at the same time. In doing this, Microsoft is giving schools safer Internet browsing abilities and keeps kids safe while on the Internet while at school.

Microsoft via its Bing product on Monday announced Bing For Schools. This product is a safer and more curated search engine for kids and educators. It removes a lot of dangerous and adult links from the site and gives children a more friendly approach to using Bing while at school.


Less Ads

One of the biggest noticeable features of Bing For Schools will be the advertisers removal during the search bar and search results. This will give kids and educators direct access to the search results and keep kids away from questionable advertisers that might appear on the site during searching.

Protection Against Adult Content

One of the biggest aims towards Bing For Schools is to rid the search results of adult or pornographic materials that might come up during search queries. Bing has put together a way to filter adult content with this project and keeps kids safe from materials that they are much too young to see or understand.

Enabling on Networks Soon

In its Bing For Schools program, Microsoft is giving schools the ability to try it on a per-case basis or to install it on the entire network for their school. The project is scheduled to roll out towards the later part of this year, probably around September when schools are back in session during the Fall.

It’s clear that Microsoft and Bing want to be in the public schools, and takes aim at Google with this latest product launch. It is giving Bing directly to the schools and gives educators and principals cleaned up search results, no ads, no adult content, and gives children the child friendly search results that they need to learn and educate themselves with. Whether a Google for kids comes out soon, who knows, but Bing For Schools could be a huge launch for Bing in the school systems in the US later this year.

Published: Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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