Bing For iPhone and Office Lens Get Thursday Updates

Both the Bing apps for iPhone and the Office lens apps are great for mobile users, and as they are used more, they showcase Microsoft’s committment to the mobile world. On Thursday, Microsoft issued updates to both apps, making mobile users happy with these updates.

The updates as issued by Microsoft on Thursday, showcase both security and productivity. The security updates for the Bing app for iPhone are long overdue, while the Office Lens updates will make any mobile office worker happier. These are live and able to be downloaded today.

Microsoft Updates Bing iPhone App With Privacy Controls

Bing iPhone Security Updates

The Bing app for the iPhone got a big update on Thursday, as Microsoft finally addressed privacy and security issues with the app. Users have been wanting to protect their privacy more with the app, and never had the controls to enable this security. The updates on Thursday now allow it.

The updates to the Bing app allow users to press the “clear search history” button, and theat will delete past searches on the iPhone. The shredder icon now also deletes the users entire history, which includes searches, cookies, and open webpages. Both of these are big updates for the Bing app.

Microsoft Shows Off OfficeLens Update

Office Lens Update

The Office Lens app has been a widely successful app, and updates made on Thursday will make it more productive. Users now can go paperless easier by coverting images of whiteboards and documents to Word and PowerPoint files. But, updates to PDF files for OneDrive saving have now been rolled out.

The latest update now provides PDFs as an option for the conversation and the ability to save to OneDrive. This scanner in the pocket app, will allow Windows Phone users to save images and items as PDF’s, and then upload them to OneDrive. This cloud technology will make it easier to keep documents and images on the go.

Both of these updates are great for users. Safety and security trumps productivity, and Microsoft addressed both of them today.

Published: Friday, February 6th, 2015 Last Modified: February 6, 2015

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