Bing For Android Updated Plus File Explorer To Windows Phone Coming Soon

Microsoft continues to evolve various products, and on Friday, news surrounding two of these products came to light in the news cycle. Bing for Android got a new look, and news surrounding a future file explorer program for Windows Phone 8.1 was hinted during a Reddit chat.

Bing is a search engine that Microsoft wants to get across as many platforms as possible, and Android is one of them. Windows Phone as well needs a file explorer, and is a very desired addition that Windows Phone teams are wanting to give users, and both maybe coming soon.

Microsoft Updates Bing For Android To Improve Performance And Rewards Programs

Bing For Android Update

With the Bing for Android update, a new streamlined look and feel have been added to the app. It has been optimized for performance, and is remarkably faster than the previous version. Users of the previous versions of Bing for Android complained about its sluggishness, and Microsoft has listened to their complaints.

Additionally, Bing Rewards fans will be able to track their points within the app, and keep track of their progress. Since Microsoft rolled out the Bing for Schools program, it makes it a perfect way to track points for your favorite school if chosen. It is a very big improvement and up on the Google Play store now.

Microsoft Hints Of A Potential Free File Explorer Program For Windows Phone

File Explorer To Windows Phone?

Also on Friday, during an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore hinted that his Windows Phone team has been building a file explorer program, and is hoping to have it ready by the end of the month. It is a very highly wanted feature for Windows Phones, and means that third party programs won’t have to be used.

While Windows Phone is missing a file explorer program now, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS is missing it too. A stock file explorer program makes sense, and including one only makes sense, with Windows and Mac’s OS systems having it built in. It should be a free add-on during the Windows Phone update experience, and a highly downloaded program for Windows Phone. No official release date was given though.

Bing is becoming better and better, and a redesign helps. A file explorer though should be first, as its a simple addition that many users want today.

Published: Sunday, May 4th, 2014 Last Modified: May 4, 2014

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