Bing Expands Twitter Partnership With #Exploretweetsonbing

There is no doubt that Twitter has caught the world by storm, and Bing in an exclusive partnership formed in 2013 has got a lot of integration with the social media service. On Thursday, Bing expanded it even further with a promotion called #ExploreTweetsOnBing.

The #ExploreTweetsOnBing campaign is all about getting people to use Bing and Twitter together in one place. Google and Yahoo do not have this functionality with Twitter built in, so having this exclusive feature will make Bing more of a social destination than ever before.

Microsoft's Bing Launches New Twitter Campaign On Site Called #Exploretweetsonbing

How #ExploreTweetsOnBing Works

The #ExploreTweetsOnBing acts very easily within Bing, and the program is developed to show users how they can search bing using hashtags, specific Twitter profiles, or the latest tweets around a celebrity, person, or place. Bing uses all of its social tools to bring these Tweets together on its pages for users.

By searching for a specific hashtag like #ExploreTweetsOnBing, or #dailyshow for instance, specific Tweets around that hashtag or topic are brought up on Bing. If a users were to also type @a in the search box on Bing, a list of Twitter user names appears, and the ability to find the right person is available as well.

Microsoft's Bing With Twitter Ties Allows For Twitter News & Topic Pipeline

Gossip & News As Well

With its built in Twitter firehose as its called, users are also able to find the latest gossip and news about a celebrity or personality on Twitter. Within the Bing search results, when a user searches for a celebrity or person, it will bring up the latest Tweeted news and topics around the topic talked about in Twitter.

Some of these features are older, but the new #Exploretweetsonbing campaign is a brand new thing that Bing and Microsoft are bringing to users. Microsoft wants to help users use Bing more, and its investment and partnership with Twitter will allow for that. Bing has what Google and Yahoo don’t with its partnership with Twitter, and this makes a huge difference in the social search site. The new updates for the #Exploretweetsonbing are live now, and users can search Twitter people, topics, hashtags, and more today.

Bing loves Twitter and #Exploretweetsonbing shows it. Try it out, and let us know your thoughts.

Published: Friday, June 27th, 2014 Last Modified: June 27, 2014

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