Bing Desktop Search Hits 20% For First Time

Google has long been the king of search engines, but as of late, the service has started to see its overall search percentages fall. Bing has made a significant number of improvements to close the gap, and it’s getting users attentions. Those updates finally got Bing a 20% marketshare in the US in March.

The latest search numbers released by comScore detail the total US desktop home and work locations search volume. This is the biggest number that search engines use when determining their position in the market, and Bing has continued to grow as the service expands beyond its first iteration.

Microsoft Gains Volume In March 2015 comScore Report

Bing Hits 19.8%

In the comScore report from February 2015, Google has 64.5 percent of the search share, Bing with 19.8 percent, Yahoo with 12.8 percent, with Ask Network and AOL, INC at 1.8 percent and 1.1 percentages respectively. These numbers were impressive in February, but the March 2015 numbers got even better.

During March 2015, Google saw its search share drop to 64.4 percent. Microsoft saw its share go up to 20.1 percent, and Yahoo dropped to 12.7 percent. Ask Networks and AOL, Inc saw there percentages stay the same in the report. This means that Bing now has over 20 percent of the overall US search marketshare.

Bing Growing On Desktop But Stalling On Mobile

Bing Stagnant On Mobile Vs Desktop

While these numbers are very impressive for Microsoft and the Bing team, it is just the desktop search volume that is tracked in the comScore report. Mobile searches on phones and tablets were not calculated in this report. Google has a larger lead in the mobile space, and future reports from comScore will show that.

Bing has been updating its mobile pages and making sure that users use Bing more for mobile searches. Bing is aggressively going after Google and Yahoo, and it appears the desktop efforts are making ways. Now, Microsoft has to continue to gun after Google on the mobile search space, and grab percentage points from them.

Bing is making big moves on the desktop search scale. It’s good to see their efforts helping them grow Bing, with users seeing it work as well.

Published: Friday, April 17th, 2015 Last Modified: April 17, 2015

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