Bing Brings Ordering Food and Hotel Carousels To The Web

As Bing transforms itself to being just another web portal for users, Microsoft is adding features that make it shine over Yahoo and Google. On Friday, another addition was made to Bing, allowing users to order from restaurants from within the browser, making food and browsing a combo.

Since restaurants are one of the biggest searched for items, Bing added the ability for restaurants to include order now buttons in their listings. This is especially true with restaurants that deliver, making ordering food while searching Bing, a perfect duo together.

Microsoft Brings Ordering Food To Web Browser

How Ordering Works

In the listed example on the Bing Blog, Siboney Cuban Cuisine in Chicago is listed. From within the listing when you pull it up, it now contains a Order Online button. It can be delivered either via the restaurant, their third party food delivery service, or any other method chosen.

This addition to allow users to order online from restaurants is a new thing, and just being added to listings this week. Bing has a few ones highlighted including Khan Toke Thai House, Oui Oui, Thai Spirit, Golden Crust Pizzeria, and Shwwarma Spot. These all have active order listings and can be viewed now.

Microsoft Updates Bing Hotel Carousel Features

Viewing Hotels In Hotel Carousels

The other major addition to Bing on Friday, was the addition of enhanced hotel views via hotel carousels. Bing has made it easier to see hotels in a city, by listing them all at the top of the page. They are all listed together, and their listings, and contact information are given to the user.

The details for the hospital are shown, and the list at the top of the page remains active while looking at a property. Along the right hand side of the page, the hotel information is listed along with detailed reviews and is more of a map as well. All of this makes searching for hotels easier.

Food and hotels are big searches on Bing. Now, you can order food and stay at hotels much easier than before on Bing.

Published: Saturday, February 21st, 2015 Last Modified: February 21, 2015

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