Bing Boards Launched Friday To Liven Bing Search Engine

On Friday, Bing, Microsoft’s search engine competitor to Google, announced a brand new feature that is aiming to compete with Google head-on. In this move, Bing Boards will give handpicked content to users first hand.

With the introduction of Bing Boards, Bing is aiming to deliver selections to customers that have been selected by editors on the Bing search engine. This type of hand selected content is aiming to make Bing a more selective search engine and content site.


Food and Lifestyle Bloggers First

The first set of content and selections announced on Bing Boards will be food and lifestyle content written by selected bloggers. The idea is that these topics are the most wide reaching to consumers and will hopefully gain the most traction immediately.

Custom content for users and users first

This type of images, videos, and links is meant to give users content that they do not have to search for and is pre-delivered to them. By doing this, the idea behind the Bing Boards is to give users custom delivered content and selections that they can view when they visit Bing.

Experimental At First

The main thing that Bing and Microsoft is delivering to users right now, is that the selections and content delivered on Bing Boards is experimental at first. The two main selections of Food and Lifestyle topics are the topics that a lot of Bing users visit on the site for, and this should keep them on the site longer, thus resulting in additional ad dollars for the site. This should keep users happier and keep advertisers happier as well.

This latest move by Bing is the latest in the strategy of Microsoft to bring selected content to users. They are trying to make Bing more than just a typical search engine, and give users a full experience when they visit Bing. These social influencers are hand selected by Microsoft to deliver their expert selections to the masses, and not be computer generated content delivered by robots. This type of unique and highly valued content could be what drives additional users to Bing and might result in Bing Boards being a huge success. It will need for then two topics though to succeed.

Published: Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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