Bing Audio Rolls Out To More Countries Worldwide

Late Thursday, on the Windows Blog, Microsoft announced that their Bing Audio tool has rolled out to 14 more countries around the world. This music finding application is a much desired music finding app and one that many more countries will find helpful when looking for their newest song.

With the blog post on Thursday, Michael Stroh of Microsoft gave notice that Bing Audio would be available to 14 more countries. By using Bing Audio to search for a song you want to identify, its gives users ways to listen to new music and purchase new music via the Xbox and other Microsoft music stores.


Want A Song. Bing Audio It

The power of Bing Audio is when you are needing to find out about a certain song, whether it’s on TV or on the radio. If listening to a TV show and a song comes up, just tap the search button and then it finds the song in the library. Users can then decide if they want to purchase the song in the store.

Music History Built Into Bing Audio

What users of Bing Audio tend to love is the ability for it to review their music history, especially when a song comes up from a month or few days ago. The Bing Audio app saves the song searches and users are able to see which songs they have searched for and by date.

Bing Audio Not Alone In Music Search Biz

While Bing Audio might be new in the latest 14 country launch, it is not alone in this business. Other apps like Shazam and SoundHound are out there and have a ton of users with them. These apps are available in the Windows Phone Store and users can use those apps along with the Bing Audio app.

Now users around the world are able to use the Bing Audio app on their Windows Phones in more countries than before. With this app, Microsoft is also increasing the amount of music sales via the app since it will allow users to purchase found music with the app. Licensing issues worldwide probably delayed this app from being launched sooner, but it gives users another reason to enjoy Windows Phone and Bing Audio.

Published: Friday, July 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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