Bing App For iPhone Gets Giant Refresh

The iPhone in all its news lately is getting a lot of media attention. Some good, some bad, some always looking for thw next big app. On Wednesday, Microsoft upped the game, by releasing a refreshed Bing app for the iPhone, which brings beauty and elegance to the app for iPhone users.

The Bing for iPhone app has always been one of the more popular apps for the iPhone, but this latest update takes it all. Users have new features built in, and can truly enjoy the beauty of the Bing Homepage with it, making it a must download or update for iPhone fans.

Microsoft Updates Bing App For iPhone With Translator Options

Translation Made Easy

With the update, Bing now makes it easy to use the Bing Translator with just a few clicks. All a user has to do now, is to tap the Share icon, and then press the translate button. This will allow users to translate on the go, and harness the power of the iPhone and Bing at once.

Users in the Safari brower of the iPhone can also take advantage of the app update. There, users will have to manually add the Bing Translate option to the Safari browser, but will then be able to translate on the go. This will be a huge hit for travelers who need to know a certain expression or phrase on the go, but don’t want to carry heavy translator books around while they travel.

Microsoft Brings Bing Image Of The Day To iPhone Users

Bing Homepage Image Now Available

Along with the translator additions, Bing has also added the Bing Homepage Image to the app. A users can now swipe from the top of the iPHone and that can host the image of the day from Bing, and the trending stories from the web. This will make the home screen of the iPhone look much differnt for the better.

All a user has to do to enable this, is tap “edit” on their Today screen, and add Bing. This will allow users to see the everchanging images from Bing, and keep up to date on trending stories, topics, and other stories from Bing. These updates are available starting today, and can be downloaded from the App Store from Bing and Microsoft.

I enjoy the updates to the Bing App. I’m not an iPhone fan, but it is a stunning update.

Published: Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 Last Modified: September 30, 2014

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