Bing Apops For iOS Get Makeovers For New Devices

Bing is a highly used app on the iOS platform, and Microosft realizes this with constant updates to the platform. As new phones come out though, Microsoft is forced to give users more frequent updates than more. On Thursday, Microsoft updated the Bing App again for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The refreshed Bing apps for the iOS devices, give them a totally new view of their workings, and give users a new way to explore Bing. These updates are available starting today on the Apple App Store, and should give users more reasons to download and use Bing on their iPhones or iPads.

Microsoft Refreshes Bing Apps On iOS Platform

Visual Makeover

The Bing app for the iPhone 6 and 6 pluses, got a new app to download from Microsoft. The redesign of the app allows for larger displays, and this means that Bing can show more on the screen for users. The search box is now in the middle, and a full screen immersion of the app is now available to use.

Swiping from the left will also now allow users to see the previous days image. The layouts were also changed for weather along with the trending news and images. All the user has to do is swipe from the bottom of the home screen, and then they can zoom to see the image in full size.

Microsoft Refreshes Bing Apps On iPad With New Updates=

iPad Updates As Well

With iOS8 out for the latest iPads, Bing updated the app for them as well. Bing has no included the slate extension for the iPad, and this was only available on the iPhone previously. Now, users can slate web pages in their Bing app, or on their browser to a desired language according to Microsoft.

Bing has also added the functionality of adding the Bing widget into the notification center, which will be great for those looking for new things to see there. There, users can see the Bing image of the day, trending stories, and much more. These updates are available for the iPad today.

Bing has done a great job with the iOS apps. Download them today and see how they work for you and Bing.

Published: Friday, December 19th, 2014 Last Modified: December 19, 2014

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