Bing Ads Now More Functional For Users

On Wednesday, Bing Ads and Microsoft announced on their community forum, that Bing Ads compatibility will be easier integrated for those who also run Google Adwords.

Users who use Bing Ads will be able to get the new functionality within it without losing any of the flexible device targeting options. With this, users will get the ability to target mobile ads during their campaigns and use their ads to target devices of all types.

Microsoft Makes Major Changes To Bing Ads For Advertisers With Mobile Adjustments

Keeping Campaign Structures Identical

Previously, for those who wanted to transition to Bing Ads, users had to merge campaigns to use Bing Ads. Now, three new mechanisms were introduced to help users target mobile devices with these ads. With Device preference on ads, ValueTrack parameters, and mobile bid adjustments the include the ability to specify negative bid adjustments. These new features will be available starting this week.

Device Preference On Ads

Now, any ad will be able to be created specifically for any type of device on Bing Ads. These include desktops and laptops, smartphones and mobile devices with full browsers, and tablets.

Dynamic Text For Destination URLs

Now users who want to target specific URLs in their desktop and mobile ads can use special tags to signify where they want to point the user. The dynamic text supported for destination urls includes a immobile and ifnotmobile variable along with other device tags to help advertisers.

Bid Adjustment On Devices

The last main adjustment made to Bing Ads is the device targeting. Advertisers will now be able to increase or decrease the bid depending on the device of the user. So phones might get lower bids than tablets, and desktop ads might cost more than mobile ads.

Published: Friday, September 13th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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