Bing’s Market Share Grows

In a recent study published by ComScore, Bing has continued to perform well in core searches and has received over 14% of all searches in April this year. Even though that is nothing compared to market leader Google, it is part of an upward mobility for Bing.

Bing Market Share

Bing Gains Points In April As Google Loses Them

Bing’s 14.1% share of “explicit core searches” online is a positive score with a growth of 0.2 of a percentage point. At the same time, Google has actually lost 0.3 of a percentage point.Even the usual loser, Yahoo, gained about 0.3 point.

These stats are based on “explicit core searches” — which are searches that are manually entered by users on the websites. Counting all of them, Internet users did over 16.2billion searches over the Internet this April. Out of that, Google had 10.6billion, Bing had 2.3Billion and Yahoo had 2.6 Billion.

Bing Trending Up, Over Google

Even though Google’s share stays at a whopping 65.4%, which is quite the majority — Bing has been upwardly mobile in the trending charts for the past year. Every month, Microsoft’s search engine has been gaining a bit of the search market whilst Google continues to decline. But this decline is really slow, so Google’s dominance in this market is not about to go away any time soon.

Organic Search Also Growing For Bing

In terms of organic searches in websites that have searches “powerd by” Google like AOL and Ask, Google took home 67.8% of all organic searches. Bing powered site searches on the other hand gave Bing a net share of 26.5%.

As compared to the same data gathered in March, it shows a gain for Google in the overall organic search and a loss for Bing. However, when plotting a graph of the growth of Bing this area over the past months, it is clear that Bing has been on the rise and Google has been slowly, but steadily losing market share.

Whilst it is possible that Google is not actually losing market share on its own and it is only because Bing is eating out of its share, it is still good news for Microsoft.

Published: Sunday, May 15th, 2011 Last Modified: May 15, 2011

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