Bigger Emails and Searching Images Easier on Bing

Bing has been successful since it listens to its users, and continually makes upgrades that its users desires. On Thursday, Bing updated its image searching abilities on mobile devices. Additionally, Microsoft made email attachments possibly larger with increased limits on Office 365.

Microsoft sees more users on Bing than ever before, and with its increased marketshare, mobile users are a major part of that increase. By making finding images easier on Bing, Microsoft can keep users on its Bing pages, and keep it away from prying eyes like Google and other search engines.

Microsoft Updates Bing's Mobile Image Viewer and Searches

Easier Images On Bing

With the updates made to Bing’s mobile interface, Bing now gives users the ability to search for images on iPhone and Android devices. The changes will make it easier to view images and to enjoy them at the same time. Now, search terms are bubbled into intelligent groups, making them easier to find.

Additionally, users can tap onto any of those bubbles and pivot the search. Smart suggestion bubbles now also appear below the search box, and doesn’t require the user to add or type to use them. Lastly, uses now type the X next to the bubble and delete it. Images are now much easier to enjoy and see on Bing via mobile.

Microsoft Gives Office 365 Users Email Size Attachment Size Upgrades

Bigger Emails on Office 365

Office 365 had a limit on the sizes of email attachments of 25 MB since it started. For most users, the 25 MB attachment size was plenty for them, but for many users, the need for larger email attachments for business is much needed. Microsoft updated the email attachment size to 150 MB on Thursday.

The updated email attachment size means that bigger slide desks, spreadsheets, and videos can be attached via email. Businesses are using Office 365 more and more, and larger email attachments are needed for users. Now, larger emails can be sent on Office 365, making them easier to read and be used.

Bing got nice updates and users will be able to use it right away. Larger emails aren’t always the best, but making email attachments bigger means more can be done quicker.

Published: Friday, April 17th, 2015 Last Modified: April 17, 2015

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