Beta App Revolve Hits Windows Phone Store

The Windows Phone store is getting more apps daily, and that is a tremendously good sign for Windows Phone fans. Most are built by outside vendors, but Microsoft certainly has had its paws on some of them. On Monday, the latest came out, and its name is Revolve, and is a productivity app.

The Revolve app is one that is part of the Microsoft Garage incubator. This was initially built for the iOS platform, but has made its way to the Microsoft Phone Store for internal testing. It’s still a beta only mode type of application, but its ability to help workers could help it soar.

Microsoft Leaks Revolve App On Windows Phone Store

What Is Revolve

The goal of Revolve is to integrate aspects of a calendar and contact manager, and presents users with information about people they’re going to meet with that the app collects from multiple sources. This will make it easier for a mobile user with meetings and people they meet at those meetings.

It’s still in testing mode as a Gargae branded app, and may not make it as an official Microsoft app quite yet. The idea of this type of app could definitely make productivity easier with users, and combined with OneClip and others could make meetings easier. It could be a lifesaver for those with meetings.

Microsoft Could Revolve Itself With New Meetings App According To Internal Beta Apps Leaked

Revolve, OneClip and Other New Apps

Revolve is the latest type of app to come out of Microsoft. Earlier last week, OneClip slipped through the leaks, and others are as well. Apps by the names of Flow, Flip, and Highlander are on the agenda, and Microsoft is looking at mobile as its next app builder. It could help millions with these apps.

The idea of Microsoft going to mobile first isn’t a surprise, considering their push to the cloud and wanting to build the Windows Phone platform. Millions of people attend meetings and clip data to their programs, and Microsoft is giving them ways to do it. These types of programs definitely help out.

Revolve sounds like a good idea. Hopefully it goes from beta to live soon.

Published: Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 Last Modified: May 26, 2015

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