October Update: Best 30 Windows 7 Desktop Themes!

We’re constantly adding new themes that we create on our own, but we’re also compiling lists of the greatest styles out there. The following compilation of the best 30 free desktop themes is dedicated to you guys, thank you for your support!

Dark Windows 7 Desktop Theme

Link: 30 Free Windows 7 Desktop Themes

Creating Themes Yourself?

If you are creating desktop themes yourself or if you have a passion for Windows 7 themes, you might recommend new desktop themes to us and we will add it to our next compilation. By now we probably have over 200 desktop themes on our site and thousands of wallpapers, screenshots, tutorials and more.

Make sure to start here if you need help with finalizing your custom themes:

Creating Custom Themes Yourself

Suggest/Request Desktop Themes

So, if you have any suggestions or requests for new desktop themes, send us a mail to [email protected] or let us know via facebook, twitter, google buzz

What Is Your Favorite Desktop Theme?

One of my personal favorites on our list is probably Gaia09, which is one of the most popular Windows 7 desktop themes:

Green Visual  Style

What is your favorite? Check out the list of desktop themes and let us know! And yes, we will answer any question you might have if you face any problems installing your desktop themes. We’re here to help.

Published: Saturday, October 26th, 2013 Last Modified: February 7, 2014

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