Best Wikipedia App Arrives For Windows 10

Wikipedia is one of the biggest sites on the web, and getting a desktop or mobile app to navigate through it, has always been a pain. That is until Wikio, which has put together one of the cleanest and greatest apps for Wikipedia on Windows 10.

Wikio is specifically made for navigating and reading Wikipedia articles. It takes the design elements and minimalizes them, and gives the user a clean reading experience. This makes reading Wikipedia a joy on Windows 10 devices.

Wikio On Windows 10 Gives Clean Wikipedia Experience To Windows 10 Users

A Clean Reading App

While many want the thrills of an app that gives them tons of features, Wikio does the extreme opposite. It lays out the Wikipedia pages across Windows 10 devices, and lets the user get into reading the articles right away.

The Wikio app is a Universal Windows App, so its a single app that works with PC’s, notebooks, tablets, and phones. Users can just simply open the app, find their article, and start reading it within seconds on Wikipedia.

Experience A Clean & Easy Wikipedia Reading Experience On Windows 10 With Wikio

Simple & Elegant

Many who have tried Wikio, have found it a simple app and a free app that helps them with Wikipedia. The main Wikipedia site can be a bit scary for some, and getting them an app that will help them read via the site, is very important.

Some might not like the ability to login to their Wikipedia account and find favorites and such, but this app in its early release isn’t meant for that yet. It’s made by developer Yang Shue, and simple works and lets Wikipedia shine on Windows 10.

If you like Wikipedia, try Wikio for Wikipedia. It’s a great Windows 10 app, and it brings Wikipedia to you on any Windows 10

Published: Thursday, March 17th, 2016 Last Modified: March 28, 2016

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