Best To Do List App Todoist Arrives On Windows 10

Keeping yourself organized and keeping your to-do lists in order is important, and doing it while on your computer can make sense for many. One of the top To-Do List apps of all time has arrived for Windows 10, and its name is Todoist.

Todoist has been available on the mobile platforms for sometime, and now the debut of it on Windows 10 makes it more available. It’s simplicity and widely available options make it the perfect productivity tool for many.

Todoist Makes Windows 10 Debut For Productivity Users

Todoist Features

With Todoist, users can add, view, and organise tasks from their Windows 10 phone, tablet, desktop, email, and even offline methods. People can stay on top of deadlines this way, and that keeps many happy and efficient.

Todoist also helps with shared projects, it allows for delegated tasks and shared updates with teams, and works with friends and coworkers. You can share information,files, and notifications with others as well.

Todoist Gives Organization To Windows 10 Users On All Platforms

Organize & Use

Todoist shines when users share information with their collaborators, since it allows them to add comments, upload files, and get updates. Big projects can be broken down into smaller projects as well.

Other features of Todoist include the ways to reach inbox zero, get automatic reminders via email or SMS, use custom themes to organize their lives, and to focus on important tasks first. It is simply the best tool around.

If you are striving for an easier life, try Todoist. It’s free, and well worth the download to stay productive.

Download Here

Published: Saturday, April 9th, 2016 Last Modified: April 9, 2016

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