Best Reddit App Gets Better With Windows 10 App

Reddit is clearly one of the worlds most visited sites, with its collection of links, stories, AMA’s, and more. The Windows 10 app for Reddit now gives users the best of Reddit built with an official Universal Windows app for users.

Users can download Reddify to enjoy Reddit on their Windows 10 desktops, laptops, and tablets. It has a ton of features for both novice Reddit users, and gives advanced Reddit users enough features to last a while.

Reddify Gives Reddit To Windows 10 Users

Reddify Features

For Windows 10 users, Reddify is the goto app for Reddit. It gives users four different views, ways to toggle between subreddits, support for multiple accounts, ways to view trends, and tons of more features.

One of the best features that Windows 10 users will enjoy, is the IAMA support and ways to enjoy AMA’s. The AMA’s or Ask Me Anything is Reddit’s most popular feature, and features celebrities, stars, and discussions with them.

Now Enjoy Reddit On Windows 10 With Reddify

Rich With Windows 10 Customizations

The Reddify app for Windows 10 is an app built for customizing. Users can change colors, fonts, and text sizes with ease. Additionally, users can customize a night theme for late night reading and more.

For tablet and desktop users, Reddify also provides support for split-screen modes. The Reddify is a free app that users can download for any Windows 10 device, and the Universal App Support makes this the most advanced Reddit app on Windows 10.

If you enjoy Reddit, try out Reddify. It’s free and the most awesome way to savor Reddit today on Windows 10.

Published: Thursday, March 24th, 2016 Last Modified: March 28, 2016

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