Best Network Speed Test Sets Site On Windows 10

One of the most common issues with home and networked computers usually is the network itself. It often causes delays, dropouts, and can be the havoc of any IT professional. But, Network Speed Test On Windows 10 is hoping to help.

Network Speed Test is a Windows 10 app, that is 100 percent focused on testing your network speed, and to analyze where problems are on your network. It’s gotten over 17,000 reviews, and that means people love it.

Network Speed Test App Analyzes Network Traffic With Windows 10 App

How Network Speed Test Works

What sets apart the Network Speed Test app, is that is uses servers around thew world to test network latency and throughput. It will tell users what activities they can do, and see previous network test as well.

Where is app shines for Windows 10, is where it lets people share their network connection stats and characteristics of their network with the app maker and Microsoft. All os this is done, to make sure networks get connected faster and more efficiency.

Measure & Analyze Network Latency With Windows 10 App

Network Speed Test Features

As far as features of this app, it includes the ability to measure network latency, download and upload speeds. It also understands activities across the network, including streaming music and videos.

Users can see their past network history, and see information about your network, such as the SSID and BSSID when they are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. This makes this app a worthy download for almost any network.

If you’ve ever had network problems, Network Speed Test is a worthy download. Even if you haven’t, keep it handy and see how your network shines and hopefully doesn’t suffer with this app installed.

Published: Thursday, March 31st, 2016 Last Modified: March 31, 2016

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