250 Best Free Windows 7 Themes

Our page is filled with free themes, but at times it’s getting difficult to find the theme you are looking for. I’ve compiled huge list of all free Windows 7 themes that should make things easier!

Best Free Windows 7 Themes

Link: Best Free Windows 7 Themes

Best free theme packages!
The list of free themes is pretty long. Make sure to use to use the Quick Links at the beginning of the page to quickly get where you want to. Downloading themes one by one is ok if you’re after a specific theme, but as soon as you are looking for multiple themes it’s getting boring. That’s why I added two large packages of 50 and 77 free themes to the page that can be downloaded in one go!

Theme installer for shell themes
We will also release a tool this summer to simplify installing shell themes to make it easier for less advanced users of Windows 7. The tool is nearly finished and installing Windows 7 shell themes is very simple now.

Enjoy the free themes for now!

Published: Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 Last Modified: July 15, 2010

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