Best Exclusives for PlayStation 4

So you now have got your hands on your new PlayStation 4. What’s next? The games of course!

Best PlayStation 4 Exclusives So Far

After the long wait you finally have your DualShock 4 at the ready and have a weekend to spare. So what are some of the exclusives you can only enjoy on the Sony PlayStation 4?

Resogun gets rave reviews

One suprising launch hit has been Resogun. This game is a side-scrolling space shooter from the guys who brought us Super Stardust HD.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Resogun

The game is filled with side scrolling staples such as power ups,massive bosses and loads of laser action.

The game is also getting great reviews. Thats not the best bit though.

Its free! The game is free for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription – and if you got a PlayStation 4 by ethical means you will have a 30 day free trial.So you really don’t have anything to lose – unless you value your time.

Knack Visuals Impress

One title that failed to gather much attention before release is Knack.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Knack

A launch day platformer is not normally the thing that gets todays online multiplayer hungry gamers going so maybe that’s not a surprise. The game itself has stunning visuals but has been receiving some mediocre reviews due its monotonous gameplay.

If you’re looking for a PlayStation Store platformer however it is your only choice!

How Does Killzone Shadow Fall Fare?

The Killzone series have had some ups and downs over the years. The launch for the PlayStation 3 failed to impress but the series clawed back into gamers radars with some impressive follow ups.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Killzone Shadow Fall

If you’re looking for some Halo-like online FPS action for your PlayStation 4 then you really got no other choice.

It’s not as polished or as critically popular when compared to the Call of Dutys and Battlefield but if you’re looking for a break from those modern day settings then Killzone Shadow Fall is maybe the one for you.

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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