Best Cloud Storage Apps For Windows 10

The days of having tons of gigabytes available at your desktop or notebook is seeming to go away, and with that the cloud wars have begun. Windows 10 clearly gives users cloud storage options, but which one is the best for users.

Windows 10 has its own cloud storage option built-in with OneDrive, and others are competing for users attentions. OneDrive might be good for some, but there are definitely options available to Windows 10 users today.

Microsoft Gives Users Options To Store Data In The Cloud

OneDrive vs Dropbox

OneDrive clearly has the lead for Windows 10 users, as its built-in to the Windows 10 ecosystem, and works with Office 365. Users get free storage tiers, and can grow it from there. It’s simplicity for personal users and students seems to make it a favorite.

But, with OneDrive being built-in, Dropbox is an app that millions use for personal, education, and work related purposes. The newly redone Windows 10 app is gorgeous, works with drag and drop easiness, and is a crown favorite among reviewers on the Windows Store.

Box For Windows 10 Is Enterprise With Somewhat Personal Options

Box and Others

Users who mainly use Windows in their businesses or work, often use Box, and its popularity among corporate clients is remarkable. It’s Windows 10 app is nice as well. It makes for easy syncing, easy file management, and gives users lots of storage. But, it’s enterprise play is a major angle for it over personal uses.

There are a number of other cloud storage options for Windows 10 users. They include Content Anywhere, iDrive, CM Cloud Backup, iDriveSync, and others. These need to be taken with risk, but still give users additional options to backup to the cloud.

Windows 10 has a number of cloud storage options for users. It’s apps are easy to use, and backing up to the cloud is simple for anyone to do.

Published: Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 Last Modified: February 10, 2016

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