Bernstein Research: Bullish On Microsoft, Windows 8 And Azure Cloud

The latest report from Bernstein concludes that Microsoft is actually in quite a good position and is more than capable of handling all the challenges during the next years.

Bernstein Research Bullish On Microsoft and Windows 8

Microsoft Is Ready To Take On Tablet And Cloud

Bernstein Research recently brought out a lengthy report about Microsoft’s current situation in terms of the company’s current market viability. In this report, Bernstein has concluded that the popular picture of Microsoft as a company in trouble that is fast approaching troubled waters is a sever misinterpretation of the situation. According to them, Microsoft is in fact quite capable of handling the current threats from competitors in the forms of tablets, other OS’s and cloud applications.

When it came to touching upon the Windows 8 situation — Bernstein said that the results would really depend on the tablet market grows. The overall health of Windows will depend on how this growth affects the PC industry. The same report has figures of 200million tablets shipping by 2014, which is inevitably cannibalize some of the PC market. But the question remains — how much will PC’s lose out?

Bernstein maintains that most customers will buy a tablet in order to compliment their PC and not replacement it. However, trends to the contrary have been seen and many are looking to carry around only a tablet because their computing needs begin and end with surfing, emailing and media playback.

However, as of Windows 8, Microsoft has ensured that no matter which device picks up — tablets, Smartphones or UltraBook type computers — the future of Windows will be growing with all of them. That is the ultimate benefit of having cross-device OS that has been designed to run on almost anything. Soon, the Windows CE embedded version will also be changed to the same core components that work at the heart of Windows 8, this will then complete the cycle of merging platforms at Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 Last Modified: December 28, 2011

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