BBC iPlayer Launches For Windows Phone 8

The BBC iPlayer is one of the more widely used players around the world, for content from the BBC. It launched around a year ago for Windows Phone 8 devices, but on Tuesday, the BBC via its Internet Blog announced a vast update to the player which should make Windows Phone users shine.

The BBC iPlayer app is great for accessing all the content from the BBC, and remains one of the most popular apps around. The updates to the app take advantage of the Windows 8 Phone system, along with updates that make it graphically one of the most beautiful apps around.

Microsoft Shows Off BBC iPlayer Updates For Windows Phone 8

BBC iPlayer Updates

The first thing that BBC iPlayer fans will notice with the Windows Phone update, is the overall viewing experience. The company switched to an adaptive bitrate media player as well, and this will allow for those with slower internet speeds to fully enjoy the BBC content.

Next, the BBC added shows with subtitles to the update, and this will allow those looking for programs who need accessible controls to use it as well, and easier. The accessible control updates to the Windows Phone 8 update for the iPlayer in itself is a huge update, since accessing it before was problematic for some users.

BBC iPlayer Gets Major Updates For Windows Phone 8 Devices

Biggest Update: Live TV

By far, the biggest update made to the BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone 8 is the addition of the live TV section. While mainly available to those within the BBC, it will give those the ability to watch programs from the BBC live on their mobile devices. Mobile TV watching is quickly gaining steam, and this will allow BBC content to be enjoyed.

The BBC also added other updates to the Windows Phone 8 app, and most of those include stability updates that users have wanted. It also is available on a wider amount of Windows Phones, and the BBC is looking to add downloads once the marketshare of Windows Phones grows in the UK. This is a major statement from the BBC, but also shows their hesitation on investing in the Windows Phone platform until it grows.

This BBC iPlayer update is perfect for Windows Phone users. It’s great content to enjoy, and now can be enjoyed more beautifully.

Published: Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 Last Modified: May 28, 2014

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