Battlefield Play4Free With RPG Elements & Battlefield 2 Engine

Now that Battlefield Play4Free is on the horizon, many Battlefield Heroes players are looking forward to this next free installment. Game designer M. Clarke now revealed some spicy details about the upcoming free-to-play Battlefield shooter.

Battlefield Play4Free RPG Elements

Battlefield Play4Free will also include RPG elements and the game will use a revamped Battlefield 2 engine. So all in all there are some surprising new elements. According to Clarke Play4Free will still be a feast for shooter fans who are currently waiting for Battlefield 3.

The game will offer more than “just unlocking weapons”. Ability trees and training points are usually very common RPG elements, but now Battlefield Play4Free is incorporating them. Character development worked well in Mass Effect 2, so why shouldn’t it work in Battlefield Play4Free?

A typical ability tree in Play4Free: Combat Expertise & Equipment Expertise
Battlefield Play4Free Combat Expertise

Equipment Expertise: Make me better with my existing combat equipment and allow me to unlock new equipment as I progress
Combat Expertise: Make me more informed and more versatile regardless of the equipment I carry

Physical Training and Vehicle Training will be two other important abilities that can be trained.

Read more about the gameplay in Battlefield Play4Free:
Battlefield Blog

My concern is how balanced this game will be with all the different character builds. According to the game designers it is up to you what skills you invest in and you can focus on whatever you think will make the biggest impact on the battlefield. From my experience there will be very popular character builds and less popular builds amongst players and often some abilities will be totally ignored by the majority of players because they aren’t very effective.

Character customization is a great way to reward dedicated players and let them actually see their current progress in the game. It’s not revolutionary to include this in a shooter, but it can work very well and I’m looking forward to see how they implement it in Battlefield Play4Free.

Published: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 Last Modified: March 1, 2011

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