Battlefield 4 Is Coming – No Release Date Yet, BF3 PC Sales Weak

As we reported, Activison’s CEO confirmed the 2012 release date for Call of Duty 9. EA’s President now confirmed that Battlefield 4 is coming.

Battlefield 4 Release Date

Yup, we knew that EA wouldn’t wait long with that. Battlefield 4 is coming – sooner or later. A first DLC for Battlefield 3 will be released later this year, but Battlefield 4 might not be released before 2013. It is possible that Battlefield 4 will be developed for a next-generation console.

Battlefield 3 Sales Numbers – PC Sales Weak?

Battlefield 3 is selling quite well – according to, Battlefield 3 sold more than 3 million copies as of October 29th, 2011:

  • 2m+ copies for XBOX360
  • Nearly 1.5m copies for PS3
  • Nearly 500K copies for PC

I’m wondering – what happened to the PC? Battlefield used to be the leading FPS for PC back in the day, but in comparison to PS3 and XBOX360 the PC sales numbers are weak.


PC vs. Console – Advantages for Developer/Gamer

It’s obvious that a lot of people are switching to consoles. Not only developers noticed that console games have many advantages.

Advantages for developers: Easier to develop for (one hardware for all), easier to test console games, less problems with drivers

Advantages for gamer: Less freezes and crashesComfortable sitting, PC desks are not comfortable (although you can easily use a XBOX controller on your PC – learn how to use XBOX360 controller on PC)

A lot of games are developed for consoles and then ported over to PC, making the console game the first choice. Simply compare Dungeon Siege 3 XBOX 360 vs. PC, it’s a great game on XBOX360, but a lot of PC gamers complained.

Because a lot of players noticed that console games provide a better gaming experience on consoles, many switched already. How about you?

Published: Thursday, November 10th, 2011 Last Modified: November 10, 2011

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