Battlefield 4 Could Feature New Subscription Model Similar To Call of Duty Elite

Battlefield 4 Elite Subscription Model
EA are pondering whether to offer subscription service for next Battlefield, possibly titled Battlefield 4, similar to the Call of Duty Elite service

EA says future Battlefield title could feature a subscription model, similar to Call of Duty Elite

In an interview with VentureBeat, head of the Games label for EA – Patrick Soderlund – revealed that future Battlefield titles could feature a subscription model.

The thinking on introducing a new subscription model is because it allows for increased revenue on titles: “we’re looking at how we can maximise our investment.”

On Battlefield specifically, Soderlund was asked how EA and DICE have managed to continually improve each release. Part of the reason, Soderlund says, is that there was an investment in new technology (Frostbite 2): “We needed to take a giant leap in animation,” as well as future-proofing the title against the next generation consoles.

The two companies also wanted to improve the audio, despite being consistently strong in Battlefield titles, along with a better destruction system as pioneered in the Battlefield: Bad Company series.

Soderlund didn’t reveal specifically whether there would be a Battlefield title every year, though Medal of Honor: Warfighter is releasing this year and Battlefield 3 came out in 2011.

Soderlund was also asked on the Battlefield 3 launch, after experiencing connection issues during release. Soderlund said he was “extremely proud” of what EA and the team at DICE accomplished. He also said that fans should expect a lot more from the team in future Battlefield titles.

On the server issues, Soderlund said it wasn’t a real issues outside of the small “hiccup” at launch and that all major titles generally experience some kind of connection issue when a huge amount of players are jumping online at once.

He also said that Battlefield 3 isn’t just a game, but a round-the-clock service: “We have people in Stockholm and North America that are on this … every single day.”

Battlefield 3 expansions

Three themed expansion were also recently revealed for Battlefield 3, launching from June this year to the end of 2012. The first will be Close Quarters, launching in June, bringing closer combat to Battlefield 3. Armored Kill will be launching in the fall, bringing new vehicles and the largest multiplayer map ever seen in a Battlefield game. Details are to be announced on the third expansion, End Game.

Published: Thursday, March 15th, 2012 Last Modified: March 15, 2012

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