Battlefield 3: NVIDIA and DICE Release 3D Patch For Enhanced 3D Gaming

3D gaming is still a nascent market, but DICE and NVIDIA have made a head start by releasing a patch to enable a 3D mode in the latest version of Battlefield 3, along with accessories required to use the same.

Battlefield 3 Now In 3D

Battlefield 3: 3D

As a latest addition to the game’s features, NVIDIA and DICE recently released a 3D patch to enable all users to play the game in, well, 3D. It provides a whole new experience and adds to this game’s appeal and plus points. Of course, additional hardware – NVIDIA 3D Lightboost technology and NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses – are needed to enjoy the 3D aspect. So while the 3D experience does add to the entertainment factor of this game, the additional costs may put off some gamers. Still, fortunately, enjoying this experience won’t cost anything more than the professional gamer would mind paying.

This 3D feature does raise certain compatibility issues but the advantage a PC Game like Battlefield 3 offers is that it can be played over a wide range of settings, whichever suits the player’s system best. Also, being a realistic war game, 3D game play offers an immersive experience unparalleled by the best graphics cards or the highest resolutions. The patch also includes better audio, which when combined with the 3D mode should provide for an explosive gaming experience.

Battlefield 3: 3D – The side effects

As with all good things, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Fortunately, the side effects of 3D gaming are minimal. However, after prolonged sessions of serious gaming, a person might suffer a few mild headaches, especially if he or she isn’t accustomed to long durations of gaming. The ghosting phenomenon can also occur in some cases, but that can be toned down by lowering the 3D effect. The 3D update is highly recommended for hardcore BF3 fans, and makes for a truly amazing gaming experience, though eyestrain should be watched out for since long hours of 3D can stress the eye muscles significantly.

Published: Thursday, December 1st, 2011 Last Modified: December 2, 2011

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