Battlefield 3: Karkand Weapon Fix, Tundra Map, Comrose in Feb 2012

The popular shooter Battlefield 3 is set to go under the knife for some bug fixes and new additions like the Comrose.

Snow and tundra maps likely for Battlefield 3

Bug fixes and new additions are all set to be done to Battlefield 3 in the New Year as reports from the developers have confirmed. While gamers across the globe are broadly happy with the latest release of the game, they feel certain additions, especially some in tune with the previous versions of the game would enhance the entire gaming experience. The developers seem to have taken these into consideration along with a few complaints about bugs in the weapons department of the game.

Fixes in the Karkand Map Weapons

The Karkand Map’s two critical weapons, the QBU-88 Sniper Rifle and the MG36-LMG which work fine on base maps released by the game are not properly functioning on the add on maps. DICe, the developer, has acknowledged this problem before it could become a major issue and has promised to fix it as soon as possible and a patch is likely to come up in early 2012. The gameplay, while not always perfect is smooth and if little bumps like this would best be gone according to avid gamers.

Tundra Map likely

The variety of terrains in Battlefield 3 is large to say the least and it ranges from downtown urban areas to the desert but what has been missing is the snow capped terrain that formed a critical part of the predecessor. While fans were wondering and some ardently hoping that the icy terrain will be added to Battlefield 3, the developer took the opportunity to confirm that it is certainly a possibility. This is best interpreted as an update in the near future. The news was received positively by fans around the world as many enjoy playing in the misty environment.

Comrose might return in February

The popular communication feature of the Battlefield game, Comrose just might return to the current version next February due to popular demand from users. A recent update from the sound incharge of the game shows that it is certainly a possibility but that the progress is slow. This could well mean that it will take a heartbreakingly long period of time to implement the feature. Gamers are of the opinion that the communication platform will enhance the gaming experience and team play format. Moreover, there is the chance that this feature will be released on PC before other platforms.

Published: Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 Last Modified: April 15, 2014

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