Battlefield 3 – Episode 1 + 2, Maps, Locations, Engine

Here are the latest details on Battlefield 3 and what we know so far about the upcoming EA/DICE shooter. Battlefield 3 maps, confirmed fractions and gameplay videos after the break.

Battlefield 3 What We Know So Far

I’m a huge first person shooter fan and I’m sure there are already thousands of you FPS lovers out there as well, pretty much every gamer has heard of Battlefield, it’s a pretty well known FPS game, I do have to say I don’t think it competes with Call Of Duty in terms of how popular each game is, but I think Battlefield 3 may change that.

Games aren’t quick and easy to make, we all know that and when creating a game which they’re trying to top the game charts, it’s going to take a lot of work, but what do we know about Battlefield 3 so far?

New Frostbite Engine

Check out Frostbite Engine Demo

We still don’t know a whole lot about Battlefield. Details are limited and there are a ton of rumors going around, so I’m going to attempt to keep everything in this article true / a fact, unless I state otherwise that’s it a rumour. The first thing we know about Battlefield 3 is that it’s using a game engine, designed by DICE called “Frostbite 2.0”, it’s basically the animation system / engine which powers the whole Battlefield 3 game, but how does this affect the players of Battlefield 3?

The game engine is one of the most important parts of a game. There is a lot of talk about Frostbite 2.0 being able to top Call Of Duty: Black Ops’s engine. The first Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer was very promising and the Frostbite Engine tech demo pretty convincing.

Confirmed Fractions

US Marines

US Marines
PLR (People’s Liberation and Resistance)


Year: 2014
Confirmed Locations: Sulaymaniwah, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Battlefield 3 Maps

Battlefield 3 Maps
Sulaymaniwah, Iraqi Kurdistan

There will be many maps with locations around the world (Europe, the Middle East, and North America)

Battlefield 3 Gameplay Videos

Battlefield 3 Episode 1:

Battlefield 3 Episode 2:

Larger maps
Basically the new Frostbite game engine allows Battlefield 3 to expand on the first person shooter world, which means the developers have been able to make much larger maps, everything is on a much larger scale now. A lot of attention to detail has gone into the design of the maps, you can see that while watching the various preview videos / preview images above.

PC = Best Platform
Although it’s still pretty early, we also know that Battlefield 3 is going to have some really huge maps for online playing, however the player limit will depend on what platform your playing Battlefield 3 on.

Until we get some more information about Battlefield 3 that’s going to be it, hopefully there’ll be a ton of previews and leaks released of the game footage before it’s released because I’m personally looking very forward to playing Battlefield 3, perhaps more excited to start playing Battlefield 3 online.

Published: Monday, March 28th, 2011 Last Modified: March 28, 2011

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