Battlefield 3 Color Tweak Is A Cheat, Will Get You Banned Permanently

Battlefield 3 Color Tweak Cheat 2 150PxpA trending mod for Battlefield 3 is the color tweak, however BF3 devs underlined that it’s a cheat and will get your account banned – forever.

You could use the Color tweak for unranked matches or Singleplayer matches and not get banned, but you will get kicked from ranked servers. That’s how it worked so far. Lead designer Gustav Halling (Battlefield 3 dev on Twitter) now stated that this mod can get your account banned – permanently. The actual tweet has been removed, but he made it quite clear that this is a cheat and not a simple tweak.

If you haven’t used this mod before, check it out here:

If you are still interested in this tweak, you can download it here

Battlefield 3 Color Tweak Cheat

Battlefield 3 Color Tweak Cheat 2.Jpg

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Published: Thursday, October 4th, 2012 Last Modified: October 5, 2012

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