Batman:Arkham Origins To Have City Twice As Large As Arkham City

Warner Montreal gameplay director Michael McIntyre has revealed more information about their highly anticipated upcoming Batman:Arkham Origins.

Map In Arkam Origins Twice The Size Of Predecessor

After taking over development of the Batman series from Rocksteady Studios, Warner Montreal knew they had a huge task on their hands on continuing to improve what is a stellar series.

It has now been confirmed by gameplay director Michael McIntyre that the map itself will feature two different sections of Gotham City. The city will be divided into North and South sections connected by a bridge effectivley doubling the size of the map.


Doubling the size of Batman’s playground should open up more exciting oppurtunities for some classic open-world main and side missions along with various ways to traverse the large landscape.

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Will Have Multiple Endings

Batman will also be making an appearance on the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS this year and game director Mark Pacini has also outlined some interesting aspects of the handheld version.

It will be possible to choose the order one takes down each boss and whatever order one chooses to do so will determine the ending.


“It’s about a ten hour game first time through. What’s interesting is, as we mentioned before that you can defeat the bosses in any order you want, the boss that you leave for last dictates the last half hour of the game. The player will get items he couldn’t get before based on who he leaves last.

“You can play the game three times through, get different things each time and the ending is different each time. Along with that we have suits that are only unlockable playing in a certain order. Each suit has a particular perk to it.”

It certainly adds to the replayability of the handheld releases.

Batman Arkham Origins and Blackgate Coming Soon

Microsoft recently discounted the sales of previous Batman titles and DLC on their Games On Demand store do if you haven’t played the previous titles now is your chance.

Warner Bros have also announced they will be releasing a bundle featuring both games and all the DLC called the “Batman:Arkham Bundle” under the Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits brands from PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively.


The main release , Batman Arkham Origins, will hit current consoles on October 25th.

Published: Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 Last Modified: September 17, 2013

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