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Dark Knight Rises Windows 7 Theme Here are two Windows 7 themes featuring Batman Dark Knight Rises wallpapers, cursors, icons and even sounds. Free Download after the break. This is a REAL theme! Top download.

This theme includes desktop cursors, icons, sounds, wallpapers and a Batman start orb!

New Movie: Although, the Batman triology was hugely successful at the box offices, it’s possible it will be a while until we see a new Batman movie. However, Warner Bros who own the right to the entire DC Universe comic characters have to compete with all the amazing Marvel movies. That is why they are announcing a new DC universe movie shortly, possibly Justice League or another of the most popular DC comic books
This free batman theme includes a lot of goodies. If you are currently playing Batman Arkham City, you will ove it!

Batman Desktop Icons

You’re into Batman and liked the good ol’ comic books? Then you will definitely like this Windows 7 theme that includes oldschool Batman desktop icons:

Batman Dark Knight Rises Sounds

Dark Knight Rises Wallpapers

Various wallpapers of the upcoming Batman Dark Knight Rises movies as well as the old Batman Dark Knight movie are included. Here’s a small preview.

Batman Dark Knight Rises Desktop Wallpaper

If you only want to download the wallpapers of this theme, you can grab them here: New Batman Movie 2012 Wallpapers

Batman Windows 7 Cursors

Yep, we also included a full cursor set for Windows 7 – if you have been looking for some Batman Windows 7 cursors, download our Windows 7 theme!

Batman Windows 7 Cursors

Batman Sounds (Original Batman)

Nope, that’s not all. Many of the oldschool sounds from the original Batman movies and comic series are included in an exclusive high-quality sound scheme for Windows 7 by

Batman Dark Knight Rises Sounds

Download Dark Knight Rises Windows 7 Theme

Hey! Windows 8 users can also use this – give it a try

We’ll make sure to keep this Windows 7 updated with new Dark Knight Rises wallpapers, so stay tuned for more:
Download Batman Dark Knight Rises Theme

Download 2 Batman Windows 7 Themes Incl. Dark Knight Rises Wallpaper

As a little bonus we also included this cool Batman Start orb for Windows 7. Explorer.exe is for Windows 7 64-bit, but you can use the bitmap and the Windows 7 Start Orb changer to change it on 32-bit Windows 7 versions, so what are waiting for? Download the two Batman Windows 7 themes above (free!)

Batman Start Orb

If you like the Batman Windows 7 theme, you can donate for it here, up to you

Published: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 Last Modified: April 1, 2014

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