Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Details Unveiled

Fans of the Batman Arkham series will be intrigued by the announcement that the latest in the series Batman Arkham Origins is set to feature a fully fledged multiplayer mode.

Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer mode revealed

Anticipation has been building for the new release which will be the third in the series following Batman Arkham Asylum and Batman Arkham City.

Batman Arkham Origins will not be developed by Rocksteady however as development has been taken over by Warner Brothers Games Montréal.

The stealth/action series is now set to add a fully fledged multiplayer mode to its repertoire with the studio unveiling its plans and inviting players for beta testing.


The multiplayer mode will be developed by Splash Damage – the team behind multiplayer favourites such as Brink, Enemy territory, and Quake Wars.

Fight as villain or hero in new Multiplayer mode

The multiplayer mode dubbed “Invisibility Predator Online” will feature 2 vs 3 vs 3 action with players being able to choose being eithier Batman or Robin or instead a member of a team led by Joker or Bane.

Playing as Batman or Robin will have the players using the stealth capabilities in gadgets that the series is now known for, playing as a villain players will also have some neat gadgets on hand such as enhanced vision (similar to Batman’s) as they bid to track down and take care of Batman and Robin.

Batman Villain

Feedback so far on the multiplayer action has been positive and they are more gadgets and modes expected to be added to the experienced before release.

Multiplayer Beta Invites have started to role our for Batman Arkham Origins

The studio have started to roll out Beta invites on a first-come first-served basis as it continues to iron out any kinks in the experience. The testing will last from 7th of August through to the 14th August.

The Wii U version of the game, however, will not feature any Multiplayer modes. The developers say they are focusing on the consoles with the biggest multiplayer base for the moment.


The game is set to be released on all current gen consoles on October 25 this year. In the meantime check out the Multiplayer trailer below.

Published: Monday, August 5th, 2013 Last Modified: August 5, 2013

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