Ballmer admits defeat in mobile and phones

In the financial analyst meeting at Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer did a rare thing that analysts were caught off guard by. He admitted that the company has struggled with mobile and tablet technology, and said they have almost no share. This was a low for the company.

The admit by Steve Ballmer was a weird one in front of financial analysts. He testate that he remains optimistic about the future, and that the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile unit gives the company increased opportunities within the tablet and mobile space ahead.

Steve Ballmer Delivers Shocking Comments Regarding Microsoft During Analyst Meeting

Ballmer Sees Nokia As Future

In his comments on Thursday to financial analysts, Ballmer stated that the Nokia purchase gives them a lot of things. He stated that Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia gives them the gross margin on products, and the purchase gives them the full product. The Nokia purchase gives Microsoft more of its investment and to create more profits for the company, albeit like Samsung and Apple.

Vista vs Mobile

Ballmer said that the company didn’t focus on mobile in the early 2000s, and were focused around launching Microsoft Vista and didn’t focus on it. As Microsoft Vista was a complete bust and full of holes from customers and developers, it is pretty clear that this was a bust for the company. In his comments, Ballmer admitted that this was his biggest mistake and that was a huge statement.

No Secrets About Microsoft’s Future

No secrets or rumors were let out of the bag during the discussion to analysts. He gave indications of wanting to grow the Windows brand further, and to focus its attention on the mobile market including Windows Phone and the Surface line of products. They need to execute and deliver on products and that was his summary of his comments on the future.

These comments to analysts are highly coveted, and Steve Ballmer’s openness on Microsoft’s failures in the mobile space were surprising. But, the comments made in front of analysts give him a way out as he strides towards his exit in the next 12 months. It is clear that Microsoft needs to work on mobile and phones, and are aiming to help it grow in the next years, especially with Nokia.

Published: Friday, October 11th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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