Ballmer Address Shareholders In Last Shareholder Letter

On Monday, Steve Ballmer in his last Shareholder Letter as the CEO of Microsoft laid out a future for the company and brought out the highlights of the last decade for the company. In the letter, he detailed what the future will be for Microsoft as it looks forward into the next decade.

As the company is in the middle of searching for their next CEO, the words of the current CEO to the next one are very important. By detailing its strategy and outlining the future of the large software company, the company can give shareholders a decade to enjoy. The future of the company is based on activities and devices as shared in the letter.

Steve Ballmer Issues Final Shareholder Letter

Activities and Innovation

The future of Microsoft is simply the ability to build for the future, and with Windows 8 and the future of the company to build Windows as one experience is its goal. They are building to create a family of devices and services that empower people around the home, business, and their activities. The family of devices from their partners and the ability to monetize their enterprise services is also the goal of the company to help build profits as well.

The company also addressed its segment-reporting framework goals as the company restructures within the company. The five new reporting segments are more aligned than ever according to the report, and the new alignment will give them insight and views on their company to help increase profitability.

Nokia Main Part Of Microsoft's Future

Organizational Changes and Nokia

The biggest highlights of the Microsoft Shareholder Letter surround the companies restructuring and the Nokia purchase last month. By reorganizing the company, Microsoft is able to make key changes to help organize their company around their products. This won’t take full effect until the next fiscal year, but should make it more streamlined as the company goes on.

The Nokia purchase was a last minute addition to the Shareholder Letter and they addressed the purchase before it is finalized. They purchased Nokia for its smartphone and mobile phone businesses, the engineering and design teams, and will transform Microsoft as a mobile company according to the report. This signature event will help build the most powerful Windows Phones to date, and should build that brand as well.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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