Ballistic Mini Golf Brings 3D Minigolf to Windows 10

Mini golf is something that children and adults of all ages can enjoy, and there have been plenty of online versions of the game invented. Ballistic Mini Golf if the latest, and at $4.49, it makes for a very fun Windows 10 game.

Ballistic Mini Golf is a single player, multiplayer, or even online game. It supports VRR, shared, and split screen modes. It has tournament play, hotseat modes, and neat ways to play the game. It is also a great visually pleasing mini-golf game.

Take On Amazing Visual Mini Golf Holes With Ballistic Mini Golf

App Features

Ballistic Mini Golf is made by Microlith Games, and its fun for players of all ages, and is a friendly sports gmaes. It has tunnels, slopes, sand traps, obstacles, and boosters around the course.

With it having so many different options available to players, it is a blast to play. The various tournaments, and ways for 4 players to play at one time or another, the game itself is a blast. It is a quickly playing game too, and is fun on any Windows 10 machine.

Ballistic Mini Golf Is Mini Golf Fun

Over 180 Holes To Play

Ballistic Mini Golf has over 180 different holes to play, and has 10 atmospheric locations, set in 5 unique game modes. It features ball customization, online multiplayers, online and region based matchmaking and a blast more.

The game also works with keyboard, mouse, controller, gamepad, and touch support. It doesn’t quire a high-end processor based Windows 10 PC to play, and for under $5 is a fun game to play.

Try out Ballistic Mini Golf if you enjoy mini golf. It’s a lot of fun, and a great cheap game to enjoy.

Published: Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 Last Modified: December 3, 2017

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