Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Revealed, Release Date This Summer

Baldurs Gate 2 Sequel Or Enhanced Edition

Atari, Wizards of the Coast, and Overhaul Game announce Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition. This also means Baldur’s Gate 3 is not in development right now.

Approx. Release Date: Summer 2012

The Baldur’s gate teaser website reveals that there isn’t a sequel in the works, but an Enhanced Edition

The Baldur’s Gate teaser website kept many fans guessing over what would be coming in the franchise, as the website was unsurprisingly devoid of details. However, it’s now been revealed what the website was actually teasing: Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.

It had been confirmed that Beamdog is working on the project, though their Overhaul Games division is leading development. It’s also been confirmed that Atari will be publishing the game.

Despite the lack of details at this point, the project sounds something akin to a HD port at the moment. Joystiq contacted Beamdog to try and clarify what the game actually is, and where it’ll be releasing. It’s not surprising to hear they shared no specific information at this time.

Though while no specifics were revealed, a representative from Beamdog said Overhaul were adding “new, original content” to the game. The rep was keen to stress they’re not just re-releasing the game, as there will be a “significant update” to the source code.

The rep went on to say that the company will be self-publishing the title, along with help from some of the original developers: “it’s being lovingly crafted in the spirit of the original with the help … of the original developers.”

The project has apparently been in planning stages for quite a while: over a year, by Cameron Tofer and Trent Oster. The rep also said there would be announcements every week on the Enhanced Edition, so it looks like now we’ll begin to get more information on the game.

Trent Oster share details on Baldur’s Gate

Trent Oster, who works at Baldur’s Gate, has shared some details on what can expected in the project.

Oster confirmed there won’t be controller, due to the point-and-click nature of Baldur’s Gate. He neither confirmed nor didn’t confirm whether it would be coming to handheld devices such as the Vita, though.

He also said that they would be reworking the UI and rendering, particularly so the game would support widescreen. There would also be a “100% chance” of new voice actors.

Multiplayer will also be fixed, which Oster say was “broken” in the original version.

Published: Friday, March 16th, 2012 Last Modified: March 16, 2012

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